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We create experiences that tell your story. We love people and are passionate about serving them well. We are here to make the process of planning your wedding just as memorable as your wedding day itself. We’ll build a strong relationship with you, do a lot of intentional listening, laugh (a lot) and earn your trust. As we get to know you, we’ll shape your celebration in a way that tells your story.

Meet Alessia Santa

In love with a dream. That is what Alessia Santa is. In love with a dream as much as fascinated by that special, romantic touch which, so unique and ethereal, sees each of her projects which she directs with delicate intelligence take shape. On these aspects, she has, over the years, built, shaped and developed her creativity, her love for the beautiful, and chosen as a common thread and motto for her work the realisation of her clients’ dreams, making the impossible work for them, making it… Possible.

Such is White Emotion’s philosophy: a beacon of guidance for spouses that choose, on their day, to treat themselves to a plus. With a Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a Marketing and Communication Master, Alessia Santa – who speaks 3 languages – boasts a business background in large companies such as the Walt Disney Company, where, in the Parks & Hotels Division, she managed the Travel sector, supervising events at the park in Paris.

Our Team

Welcome to White Emotion’s world of impeccably planned weddings! Celebrations are a very important part of any wedding or elopement. Besides, it is not by chance that we “celebrate” a ceremony! Most destination weddings involve several events: wedding dinners, post-wedding brunches, guided tours are just a few examples of the many activities we can plan and coordinate to make your experience unique and one-of-a-kind.

A perfect wedding involves so many things that nothing can be left to chance, not even the unexpected. At White Emotion, we take pride in pinpointing the bride and groom’s wishes and turning them into concrete reality, helping couples conceive, organize and ultimately realize their dream event. Together, we will choose party favors, create the theme for your fateful day, define guest arrangement and much more.


Magazines like Elle, Vogue Sposa, and Bride U.K. have written about her; her quotes have been reported in books by important artists photographers of the sector and by the most important international wedding blogs.


Get inspired by taking a sneak-peek into some of our latest events: we can’t wait to hear from you and turn your vision into a masterpiece!


Welcome to White Emotion’s world of weddings in Italy, where attention to detail and deep respect for the couple’s tastes and personality constitute the guiding principles of our work as luxury wedding planners.

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